General Manager's Message

10 means many things to many people. The biblical symbolism of 10 is authority of God and His government on Earth. For an Asian culture it means perfection. 10 signifies independence and infinite potential in numerology. For me, it means SUCCESS.

When I look back, I can see two key components to success – people and practices. I must admit, ADP Pharma’s individual team members are far from being perfect. Yet, everyone believes in the importance of the role one has to play. And every part, big or small, is recognized as vital and adds to the lifeblood of the organization. Leadership spirit is engrained to a large extent, mindless of corporate position. What tied these all together is the belief that everyone adheres to a sense of unity. Beyond an assembly bonded by financial goals, ADP is a community. Our company practices are neither perfect. The good ones are consciously perpetuated and the bad ones are thrown outside the window. Fresh ideas are always welcome and new practices are introduced. Changes are welcomed with tight embrace and innovation takes over our day to day operation. I witnessed and took part in the humble beginnings of ADP Pharma Corp. I can clearly see that it will not last for another 10 years, but 10×10 successful years. A heartful thanks to our team and all our business partners, for without them success can never be possible.

- Pedro Pacis Jr. (General Manager)

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