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About ADP Pharma

ADP Pharma Corporation is a healthcare company anchored on the Ambition, Drive, and Passion to deliver quality health and wellness products to its partners and consumers. At the very core of ADP is our relentless dedication to offer excellent pharmaceutical products based on intensive research and process-driven approach to development. Following on this noble goal, ADP carries a wide range of specialty medicines in the Pediatrics, ENT, Cardiology, and OB-Gynecology therapeutic classes. 

Our pediatrics product portfolio has been strengthened by ADP’s banner brand, the undisputed market leader in the appetite stimulant segment. Propan TLC had also gained a foothold of the pediatric multivitamins market in the recent years. Similarly, ADP’s ENT division includes products of superior value under its portfolio, with its flagship brand holding leadership position in the ear anti-infective category. 

As we extend our presence into new therapeutic entities, ADP had pioneered chirally-pure medicine, which includes an innovative molecule in the treatment of hypertension. Meanwhile, our OB-Gynecology portfolio had also expanded with the introduction of brands like NaFlora. 

Remaining true to its name, ADP Pharma Corporation vows to continuously take on its ambition, drive and passion to provide its customers and shareholders quality and accessible healthcare products, in the pursuit of improving millions of lives each day.