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Glucolyte Plus

Glucolyte Plus

Glucolyte Plus

Glucolyte Plus is the exact, WHO-recommended ORS formula with minimal reconstitution that ensures freshness at a price that’s easy on the budget.

Contents of 10 sachets dissolved in 1L water will provide:

Sodium - 75 mmol
Potassium - 20 mmol
Chloride - 65 mmol
Citrate - 10 mmol
Dextrose - 75 mmol

Each sachet contains:

Sodium chloride – 260 mg
Trisodium citrate, dehydrate – 290 mg
Potassium chloride – 150 mg
Dextrose anhydrous – 1.35 g

Glucolyte Plus is indicated for the replacement of fluid and electrolyte losses associated with acute diarrhea, vomiting and increased metabolic expenditures as in vigorous exercises and athletics.

Availability and Price
Powder for Oral Solution - Box by 50’s in sachet of 2.10 g
Available in Orange flavor
PhP 282.00 per box of 50s or PhP 5.64 per sachet

Dosage and Method of Administration

Directions for Use:
1 sachet to be dissolved in ½ glass (100ml) of boiled tap or bottled water.

A. DEFICIT THERAPY (First 4 hours)

Dissolve 1 sachet of GLUCOLYTE PLUS 2.10 g in 100 mL; for bigger volumes required, use proportionate number of sachets and amount of water (e.q., 10 sachets of 2.10 g in 1,000 mL or 1 L of water).

Based on the patient’s actual weight, the volume required is:
• For infants: 100 mL/kg/day
• For children & adults: 60 mL/kg/day

If weighing scale is not available, use the approximate age-weight as guide (see table below).

GLUCOLYTE PLUS Dosage Guides for mild to moderate dehydration*

Age Group Approximate Weight (kg) Amount of ORS solution to be given within the first 3 hours
1-4 months 3-6 200-400 mL
4 months-1 year 6-10 400-700 mL
1 year-2 years 10-12

700-900 mL

2-5 years 12-19 900-1,400 mL
5-14 years 19-29 1,400-2,200 mL
15 years or older 30 or more 2,200-4,000 mL

Alternately, the approximate amount of ORS solution required (in mL) can also be calculated by multiplying the patient’s weight (in kg) times 75 mL to be given in the first 4 hours.

*WHO Guidelines


• Children under 2 yrs of age: 50-100 mL or ¼ large cup of ORS after each loose stool.
• Children above 2 yrs of age: 100-200 mL or ¼ - 1 large cup of ORS after each loose stool.
• Adults: to give as much as tolerated per episode.

ORS should supplement breastfeeding if infant or child is exclusively breastfed. If infant or child is not breastfed, ORS is given along with salted soup, salted or unsalted ice water (AM) and yoghurt drinks or distilled water, green coconut water and unsweetened fresh fruit juice. Avoid soft drinks, sweetened fruit drinks, coffee and herbal/sweetened teas. In case child vomits after giving fluids, try again 10 minutes after and give fluids slowly. (WHO 2005 Guidelines)

RECOMMENDED: Give zinc supplements for both deficit and preventive/maintenance therapy.*

Take 10-14 days even when diarrhea has already stopped.

1-3 years old 1.25 mL or as prescribed by a physician
4-8 years old 2.5 mL or as prescribed by a physician
9 years old and older 2.5-5 mL or as prescribed by a physician

*WHO Guidelines

Special Precaution
The recommended dilution and volume of solution to be administered should be followed. A weaker solution and / or volume less than recommended will not provide enough fluid, electrolytes and glucose while a stronger solution and a volume much more than recommended may result in electrolyte and fluid overload especially in infants and young children.

Do not boil solution. Discard unused solution after 24 hours. Do not use leftovers.