Folicare Capsule


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Generic Name

Folic Acid


5mg capsule

Therapeutic Class

Anti-Anaemic + Folic Acid

Mode of Action

Folic acid, a biochemically inactive compound, is the precursor for tetrahydrofolic acid and methyltetrahydrofolate, which are essential for the maintenance of normal erythropoiesis and are also required cofactors for the synthesis of purine and thymidylate nucleic acids. Impaired thymidylate synthesis, which leads to faulty DNA synthesis, is responsible for megaloblastic and macrocytic anemias.

An important role of folic acid is the formation of methionine from homocysteine using vitamin B12 as a cofactor. Adequate folic acid intakes can normalize high homocysteine levels, which is proven to contribute to congenital neural tube defects.


For the treatment and prevention of folate deficiency. Folic Acid is also used in women of child-bearing potential and pregnant women to protect against neural tube defects in their offspring.

Dosage / Direction of Use

Initially, 5 mg daily for 4 months; maintenance, 5 mg every 1-7 days depending on underlying disease; child up to 1 year, 500 mcg/kg daily; over 1 year, as adult dose or as prescribed by a physician.


Hypersensitivity to folic acid.

Special Precaution

Folic acid should never be given alone or in conjunction with inadequate amounts of Vitamin B12 for the treatment of undiagnosed megaloblastic anaemia. Folic acid may produce haematopoietic response in patients with megaloblastic anaemia due to Vitamin B12 deficiency without preventing aggravation of neurological symptoms, which may lead to subacute combined degeneration of the spinal cord.

Pregnancy: Folic acid deficiency during pregnancy may lead to the appearance of fetal malformations. Imbalance in folate requiring trophoblast cells may also lead to detachment of the placenta.
Lactation: Folic acid is excreted in breast milk. No adverse effects have been observed in breast-fed infants whose mothers were receiving folic acid.

Drug Interaction

Folate supplementation decreases serum-phenytoin and serum-barbiturate antiepileptic concentrations. It is affected by antiepileptics, oral contraceptives, antituberculous drugs, alcohol and folic acid antagonists such as aminopterin, methotrexate, pyrimethamine, trimethoprim, and sulfonamides.


Php 850 per box of 100’s; Php 8.50 per capsule

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