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Generic Name

Sodium Fusidate (20mg/g Cream x 5gm )



Therapeutic Class

Belongs to the class of other topical antibiotics used in the treatment of dermatological diseases.

Mode of Action

Sodium fusidate, an antibiotic derived from Fusidium coccineum, exerts powerful antibacterial activity against a number of gram-positive organisms. Staphylococci, including the strains resistant to penicillin or other antibiotics, are particularly susceptible to sodium fusidate.
The therapeutic efficacy of topically applied sodium fusidate is due partly to pronounced antibacterial activity of sodium fusidate against the organisms responsible for skin infection, and partly to the unique ability of this antibiotic to penetrate intact skin.
Fusidate is widely distributed into tissues and body fluids. It has been found in the fetal circulation and in breast milk. About 95% or more of fusidate in the circulation is bound to plasma proteins. Fusidate has a plasma half-life of about 10 to 15 hours. It is excreted in the bile, almost entirely as metabolites, some of which have weak antimicrobial activity. About 2% appears unchanged in the faeces. Little is excreted in the urine or removed by haemodialysis.


Treatment of skin infections caused by Staphylococci, Streptococci, Corynebacterium minutissimum & other organisms sensitive to Na fusidate eg, impetigo & secondary infections (infections that develop after the skin has been injured) to burns or broken skin.

Dosage / Direction of Use

Apply to affected area bid-tid for 7 to 14 days.

Special Precaution

Amount of drug levels are found in dermis following
topical administration of Sodium Fusidate (Sofinox) DR. No. DRP-4092 cream.


Php 259.09

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