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ADP Pharma Corporation is a healthcare company anchored on Ambition, Drive, and Passion for delivering quality health and wellness products to its partners and consumers. At the core of ADP is our relentless dedication to offering excellent pharmaceutical products based on intensive research and a process-driven approach to development. Following this noble goal, ADP carries a wide range of specialty medicines in the Pediatrics, Diabetes, ENT, Cardiology, and OB-Gynecology therapeutic classes, as well as herbal cosmeceutical products.

At the forefront of our pediatrics product portfolio is ADP’s banner brand, Propan, the undisputed market leader in the appetite stimulant segment. Propan TLC, which has also gained a foothold in the multivitamins market in recent years, further solidified the company’s franchise in pediatrics and paved the way for introducing new brands, like PROBX, our first brand of probiotics.

And for over 10 years ADP has maintained the number 1 position in the Anti-hairloss category through Novuhair.

Similarly, ADP’s ENT division includes products of superior value under its portfolio, with its flagship brand holding a leadership position in the ear anti-infective category. Our ENT portfolio provides various ear and nasal care products for ear infections, nasal wash, vertigo, and allergies.

Under our ENT portfolio, Physiomer Nasal Spray is Europe’s Number 1 nasal wash made from 100% Natural Seawater for better breathing. Physiomer is proven safe even for babies, pregnant, and breastfeeding women; it has no side effects and no preservatives.  

Expanding its ENT portfolio to help address sleep deprivation concerns of our fellow Filipinos, ADP Pharma also now carries Happy Zzzs, a sleeping aid supplement formulated with 3mg of melatonin, valerian root, chamomile, hops, passion flower and mineral that synergistically promotes healthy sleep hygiene while supporting deep sleep and REM sleep.

About ADP Pharma

As we extend our presence into new therapeutic entities, ADP has pioneered the introduction of chirally pure medicines, which include an innovative molecule in the treatment of hypertension. Complementing this line is our Diamaxin, a potent and effective antioxidant intended to address the emerging epidemic of diabetes and its damaging complications.

Meanwhile, our leading brand in the OB-Gynecology portfolio, naFlora Feminine Hygiene Wash, has consistently demonstrated growth as it maintained its position as the Most Prescribed Feminine Wash in the market for several years. We have also launched our brand of folic acid as part of our vision to provide holistic care for women’s health.

For over 10 years now, ADP Pharma Corporation has been strongly committed in providing quality and accessible health and wellness products to improve quality and longevity of life of every Filipino family especially during this new normal.

Our Mission

To build accessibly priced dominant brands, led by committed, high-performing teams, supported by effective systems and process with strong strategic partners, while maximizing returns to stakeholders.

Our Vision

ADP will be admired as the first Filipino publicly-listed pharma industry leader that provides reliable and high-quality, health and wellness products that meet the needs of consumers.

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